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​The GPHEA is a nonprofit organization that was founded by and for hotel engineers in the Greater Philadelphia area.

The Association has done much since it started in 1986. If you were with us from the beginning, you would have been to hundreds of meetings in over a hundred different properties and met with other hotel professionals at joint meetings and trade shows. Doctors, attorneys, government inspectors and the police and fire departments would have informed you of the latest changes in laws and codes.

We have walked through convention centers and sport complexes under construction, visited manufacturing plants and our associate members' businesses, watched utility companies produce energy and met with officials from the utility companies.

On the fun side, we have played golf at many country clubs, had celebrities sign autographs, toured casinos and gambled there; some of us even won a lot of money!

With the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the members, we hope you use the directory to solicit bids for materials, services or projects. The members have proven to be an asset to us all and have always been there to help.

The GPHEA Board thanks you for your continued support and hope to see all of you at the meetings and outings we have this year. Check the latest minutes for the location of the next meeting.

We meet every third Wednesday of the month and hope to see you there. You and your Engineers are always welcome.

Board of Directors
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